Sunday, March 07, 2004

The KankaMatic draft starts Monday morning! Click on over to the KankaMatic message board to participate in the draft. We'll draft 2 rounds a day for the next 20 days or so - one morning round and one evening round (I'll leave some leeway for weekends and Dave and Ellen's upcoming ND trip). Try to have your morning round picks in by 12:30pm eastern (11:30am central), and your evening picks by 6pm eastern (5pm central). The board will look like this:

Round 1 (autodraft SP)
1 Ellen
2 Mike
3 Dave

Pay attention to the number next to your name - that is the order (they may not be displayed in order). To draft someone, click on the "message" that is your name, and reply to that message with your pick. Please try to put your pick name in the message subject line (for instance, replace the subject of "Re: 1 Ellen" with your pick's name).
Please try to wait for the person ahead of you to go. But, if it's nearing the deadline time and the person ahead of you still hasn't picked, feel free to make your pick, and I'll settle any arguments later. If you do not pick by the deadline listed above, you will have the pick autodrafted for that round.

A note of advice: I'll conclude the "evening" round around 6pm and immediately post the order for the next "morning" round. So, if it's your turn and you would like to log on late at night to post your pick for the next "morning" round, feel free. This may actually help speed things along.

If there are still any confusion or questions, please email me at

Ellen, you're on the clock.