Tuesday, April 20, 2004

NSS meeting tonight; back with ramblings/Transaction Wire tomorrow. I'll leave you with an ideal outcome of the Darrell Campbell situation that sums up my thoughts/ideas on all matters related:

Darrell sues the school, causing them to run out of funding for Loftus and shut it down. This causes all future football (and, less importantly, band) practices to take place outside on real grass. Excited about this development, Joe Yonto comes out of retirement and begins teaching football, Notre Dame style, at Fighting Irish practices.
Next, Darrell flies to Baltimore, where he proceeds to kick Art Modell, Brian Billick, and anyone named "Lewis" squar in the nyuts.
Butch Davis, taking a break from wondering how "great" it would be to draft Kellen Winslow, looks up and sees that Darrell now hates Baltimore. Finally getting a clue about what Cleveland Browns football is, Davis decides that "The Guy Who Kicked the Ravens Squar in the Nyuts," as Darrell is now called, would be a good addition to this Cleveland Browns team.
Davis checks the rules, and discovers that NFL defensive linemen don't all have to be overpaid underacheivers from Florida. So, Paul Tagliabue announces that with the 7th pick of round number 5, the Browns select Darrell Campbell, defensive tackle, Notre Dame. Kanka is first in line for a brown and orange #60 jersey, and everyone lives happily ever after.