Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Weekend in Review

Abbreviated Ramblings

  • Congrats to ND baseball IF Zach Sisko. Sisko, filling in for injured 2B Steve Sollman had a go-ahead grand slam against Georgetown last Saturday, and followed with a 4-for-5 day in a win against Toledo Wednesday. I was there the year Sisko walked on to the team. He was good enough at the plate to get noticed, and his versatility as an infielder and outfielder (like me, only good) is what got him a roster spot. Four years later, he's making headlines.
  • When I bought MVP Baseball 2004, the store signed me up for some kind of game magazine. This month's issue had the first previews of this fall's football games. They didn't say much about any of them, but there was one nice new feature in NCAA 2005. Playing in your rival's stadium has a "visible" effect on your team - if the crowd is loud enough, your receiver won't be able to hear the audible being called. The highlight of this issue, though, was the annoucement of Snoop Dogg Boxing (you can't make this up), coming soon to... cell phones. Dah. Well, this article may (I said may) make me want to get a cell phone (although I'm assuming the guy who wrote the article is not Joe McIntyre from NKOTB).

  • Anybody want to put money on Miles Brand screwing up the Mike Williams thing and letting him play?

  • Finally, at work yesterday, I got a call from a woman at one of the branch offices. She was trying to print on legal paper, only the printer didn't know which tray had legal in it. She told me, "It's saying, 'PC LOAD LEGAL,' but I don't know that that means." Trying hard not to bust out laughing right in front of the nice older lady that works in our department, I was able to resist asking, "so, what you're trying to say is, 'PC LOAD LEGAL?! What the f*ck does that mean?!'" Ah, too much Office Space for me.

Unfortunately, a busy week leads to a short column. KankaMatic stat update this weekend; I hope to have a KankaMatic calendar coming soon.