Saturday, October 29, 2005

Last Minute Costume Ideas

For those of you still trying to find a Halloween costume, this game might be able to give you an idea or two. Try to match the each description from the numbered list with the name or concept in the lettered list (yes, they are out of order - that's why this is a game). Correct answers to come when I remember to post them.
As a bonus, all of these costumes are football themed.

1. Wear a telephone company uniform and act very sad.
2. Wear a #11 jersey and a tutu.
3. Don a long-haired wig, shark mask, and #83 jersey.
4. Put on your old school monogram sweater and "raise the roof!"
5. Wear a "L.I.R.R. Class of '81" sweatshirt.
6. Dress as the book History of Firefighting.
7. Cover a Maurice Crum jersey in patches.
8. Dress as a computer key and wear handcuffs.
9. Do you best Charlie Weis impression.
10. Wear bubblewrap and wire mesh.
11. Get a group of friends together and dress as giant gloves
12. Attach pictures of Bob Saget and the Olsen twins to the seat of your pants.
13. Walk around with two empty beer glasses, asking everyone where the bathroom is.
14. Walk around with sunglasses and a white cane.
15. Dress as the Notre Dame engineering building and wear a turntable around your neck.
16. Take five phone handsets, number them "1 of 5" to "5 of 5," and attach them to your clothing.
17. You and a friend go together in Ohio State #47 and #33 jerseys.
18. Wear your "Return to Glory" shirt and bring a toy pull train.
19. Wear (or grow) a moustache. Hang a "No Passing Zone" road sign around your neck.
20. Dress as a pear. Wear a shirt that says, "I wish I was as good as all the other pears."

A. "A Patchy Linebacker"
B. Aspirational Pear
C. Bubble Screen
D. Chuck Lennon
E. Dave Wannstedt
F. DJ Fitzpatrick
G. Down Lineman
H. Five Receiver Set
I. Full House Backfield
J. Gimmicks Pulling the Train
K. Hands Team
L. Hot Read
M. Illegal Shift
N. Jeff Samardzija
O. Matt Leinart
P. Nike Uniform Designer
Q. Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal
R. Robot Genius
S. Subway Alum
T. Two-Pint Conversion