Monday, October 31, 2005

The Weekend in Review
"Three-Hole Punch Kanka" Edition

NCAA Football

  • #2 Texas 47, Oklahoma State 28: Shows what I know. Texas seemed to me to be another one of those ball control teams that played well with the lead, but didn't have the firepower to come back from a huge deficit. You really shouldn't reward a team that gave up 28 points to Oklahoma State. But, at the same time, any offense that can rattle of 38 points like that definitely deserves some respect.

  • #3 Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 10: OK, not fair, I didn't see much of this game, because I had softball that night. Well, I was able to watch a quarter's worth, but even then I didn't see much football, as all ESPN showed was sideline shots of Michael Vick. As for the Michael versus Marcus debate: in the current system, Marcus sure can throw. In this game, the younger Vick was 22 for 28 for 280 yards and a TD.

  • Florida 14, #4 Georgia 10: Well, the loss of DJ Shockley was huge. The Bulldogs may not be in the national title hunt any more, butJoe Tereshinski at QB should make the remainder of the season respectable. Bonus points to Tereshinski for the play where he fell down making a pitch, got up, made a leaping catch over a defender on the throwback, and leaned forward into the end zone for a TD.

  • #7 U of Miami 34, North Carolina 16: I watched this for a little bit, until I realized, "Oh yeah, Miami's supposed to have an easy time with this one."

  • #12 Ohio State 45, Minnesota 31: Ohio State's offense looked good, and it was nice of Ted Ginn, Jr. to finally show up. But, was this game more of a testament to Ohio State's offense or to Minnesota's poor defense?

  • South Carolina 16, Tennessee 15: Talent or results? In Tennessee's two-headed quarterback system, Erik Ainge is the talent, but Rick Clausen has been getting the results. Ainge, completing 40% of his passes, was 8/21 on the day. Clausen, completing about 60%, was 5/11. Kind of, but not entirely like the Jon Kitna/Carson Palmer situation of a few years back. OK, it's probably nothing like the Jon Kitna/Carson Palmer situation.


  • Texans 19, Browns 16:: That really didn't just happen, did it?

  • Giants 36, Redskins 0: I actually didn't watch this game, because it wasn't on in my area. But Tiki Barber had a huge game with 206 rushing yards. And Ellen loves him.

  • Broncos 49, Eagles 21: Defense, anyone? I started to watch this at F-Bomb's place, then left at the beginning of the fourth quarter after Philadelphia had pulled things to 28-21. What happened?

Miscellaneous Ramblings

  • In a blatant attempt to get a mention, "The Wizard of Odds" emailed me the "breaking news" about Charlie Weis' buyout clause. Of course, we all know that the original article was full of crap. Charlie signed an extension through 2015, ensuring that Charlie, Jr. will be getting a nice piece of lambskin from Our Lady's University. (Wow, that sounded awful. Let me rephrase that....)

  • Brady Quinn picked up his ssecond Cingular/ABC Sports Player of the Week award, while Brandon Hoyte was nominated for the Lott Trophy. The Lott Trophy is given to a defensive player for on- and off-field performance. Whether it be academic performance or charity, Hoyte never comes up short in off-field performance, and he certainly doesn't come up short in on-field performance.

  • Recent Onion article on Notre Dame football history (in case you're the one person who hasn't read it yet).

  • Paul Tagliabue is attempting to quell rumors that the Saints may be moving to LA.

  • After a relatively dismal 3-3 start, Tennessee offensive coordinator Randy "Don't call me Andy" Sanders will hand the playcalling duties over to Phil Fullmer, and resign at the end of the season. Voluminous has more.

  • Speaking of Sanders and Fullmer, here's a pertinent rewrite of "Rocky Top", courtesy Tenn Vol Champ.

  • Finally, a hi-larious flash video can be found here. Hat tip to reader Emily. Huge file, takes forever to load, so let me know if you'd rather have me email it to you.