Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Class of 2009

We had decent voter turnout this year, 8. Again due to the diversity of nominees, I set the induction threshold at 4 votes, and four individuals met that mark.

Buck O'Neil: He's a hall of famer to me, and that's alright with him.

Erin: She was already awesome. And then she agreed to marry me.

Fr. Edmund P. "Ned" Joyce, CSC: In Andy's words, Fr. Joyce is the ultimate sidekick, and as Aflac pointed out, he " advanced the causes of ND athletics, and has a building named after him that has hosted commencements, presidents, career fairs, basketball games, hockey games, boxing matches, volleyball games, U2, and racquetball "matches" between Aflac, Yonto, Katy, and the light fixture."

Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC: Without him, there literally would be no Notre Dame. And without Notre Dame, where would any of us be?

Now, the also rans. Also always, those that received multiple votes will get one carryover vote next year.

Brady Quinn2I'm starting to think he was even more amazing then people realized at the time
F-bomb2Why not? I'm just sayin'
Klondike2noted sport creator/improver
Knute Rockne2FOOTBALL!
Rebecca Rose Hatton2
Aflac Duck1Gave me a nickname. Poses interesting trivia questions. Still contributing to cancer research.
Happy New Year!1I just ran out of focus here...especially after celebrating the previous vote!
bill belichick1An interesting coach who seems to hire assistants who are just good enough not to take his job
Coach Jackson1another #1
Detroit Red Wings1
Evan Sharpley's shoes1
Fair Catch Corby1I have a mini version of that statue on my bookshelf!
Golden Tate1
Jerome Bettis1ND alum, Super Bowl winner, Restaurant owner.
Joe Posnanski1
JOHN GOCHNAUR1according to Google Gochnaur could be arguably the worst baseball player ever
Kuntz's hair1
Maurice Crum Jr.1all heart on and off the field
Michael Floyd1might as well just put him in now... and hope he does have a Kamara-esque soph year
Michael Phelps1
Mike Anello1for Heisman
Mr. T1
Owen Sixteen1star of the Detroit Lions
Peyton Manning1
Regis Philbin1The definition of fired-up-old-guy.
Sam Sanchez 1
Steve Yzerman1
Touchdown Jesus1Think anyone will get confused when people start yelling "Touchdown Crist!"?
women's soccer team/dynasty1even if they don't win it all this year, 3 straight final fours, and keeping Grace Hall lit up all semester is appreciated