Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dave and Kanka's Annual Baseball Hall of Fame Email Conversation

From: Dave
To: Kanka
10:28 AM

Hall of Fame announcements are today. Here's my ballot:

Goose Gossage. Having not lived through his era, I didn't realize his greatness until I really started reading about him. Lots of things that can't be captured through today's conventional game.

Jack Morris. If I have to explain this again this year, then you clearly haven't been paying attention to my emails the last few years.

Close but no cigar:
Jim Rice. I wouldn't have a big problem if he got in, since he did have some dominant years, but I don't know enough about him.

Andre Dawson. He was really good, but when people say they're voting for him, they inevitably say, "he'd be a shoe-in if he wasn't hurt all the time." Umm, but he was, and it affected his body of work over the course of his career.

Todd Stottlemyre. Kidding, just seeing if you're paying attention.

From: Kanka
To: Dave
11:09 AM

Here's someone who's keeping track of published ballots:

Here's an abbreviated look at where I stand right now. My opinion may
or may not change over the course of the day:

Burt Blyleven - Very good for a very long period of time. I tend to
award longevity - hey, if you're good enough to stay in the league for
that long, you much be doing something right.

On the fence yes:
Morris - I know you're a huge fan. I just need to go back and check
my notes again.

On the fence maybe:
Rock Raines - Quietly put up big numbers for a long time. He won't
get in this year, but I'm curious to see how well he does.

I'm not allowed to comment since I'm on the committee, but he did play
for the Big Red Machine:
Dave Concepcion

From: Dave
To: Kanka
11:36 AM

Ummmm....what committee are you on that you can't discuss Dave

I won't tell my grandkids someday about the greatness of Bert Blyleven
(nor would I had I actually seen him pitch, according to most things
I've read, so he's out. I dunno

From: Kanka
To: Dave
1:27 PM

That was a Joe Morgan reference. Every time he's asked about the Hall
of Fame, he always says, "I don't like talking about particular
candidates because I'm on the Veteran's Committee. But Dave
Concepcion should be in." It's a running joke on FireJoeMorgan.

Looking back at Blyleven's stats, he was good but not dominating. So
he's borderline too. I somehow can't find all of your old Jack Morris
emails. So in a nutshell, what's the argument again? If you're
putting him in just for the 10-inning playoff game, you might as well
induct the 74-76 Len Barker for his one perfect game.

From: Dave
To: Kanka
1:58 PM

Jack Morris:

254-186 lifetime, probably the best pitcher for the complete period
79-92. Yeah, borderline, but I still think he's a bad-ass


From: Kanka
To: Dave
2:25 PM


Morris: 233-162, 3378 IP, 2199 K, 3.73 ERA
Blyleven: 151-127, 2583 IP, 1791 K, 3.94 ERA

But Blyleven is older than Morris. Morris was 24 in '79 and 37 in
'92. Blyleven was the same age from '75-'88. During that time,
Blyleven: 174-151, 3126 IP, 2337 K, 3.58 ERA

Morris was a hoss, no doubt. But do we penalize Blyleven for playing
on crappier teams?

From: Dave
To: Kanka
2:31 PM

Alright, you got me. Although I still feel like I could someday talk
about how great Jack Morris was, while Blyleven just doesn't fell "Hall
of Fame" to me. So, to my fallback position:

"The only time I want to talk to a woman when I'm naked is if I'm on top
of her or she's on top of me."
-- Former Tigers pitcher Jack Morris on female sportswriters

From: Kanka
To: Dave
3:42 PM

Ah yes, I remember the quote. That puts him over the top.

If it makes you feel better, every time the Indians come to Minnesota,
both teams' announcers get together and talk about why Blyleven should
be in the Hall.

My final vote, since I'm soft:

PS It's Gossage:

From: Kanka
To: Dave
5:21 PM

Oh, and Buck O'Neil. Dah.