Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Class of 2008

We had excellent voter turnout this year, with 10 people turning in ballots. Due to the diversity of picks, I set 5 as the number of votes needed for induction this year. Without further ado, here are the four inductees, all of whom received exactly 5 votes.,

Charlie Weis, Jr.: Charlie Jr., seen here with his family, joins his father in the our Hall of Fame. Charlie Sr., class of 2006, and Jr. make up the first father-son combo in the HOF. Junior is an inspiration to high school freshman everywhere; his hobbies include philanthropy, breaking down game film for St. Joseph's high, and hanging out with Ellen's dad.

Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC: As Andy said on his ballot, "The reasons are too numerous to list." If you haven't read God, Country, Notre Dame, Travels with Ted and Ned, or any of Hesburgh's other works yet, do yourself a favor and visit your local library right now. I don't even care if don't finish reading the rest of this column - go now! On a personal note, this is my favorite picture of Fr. Ted. And there are many to choose from. He's posed with popes and presidents. A picture of him and Martin Luther King, Jr., belting out a hymn at a Chicago peace rally, was just named a national treasure. Then there's the Time cover that I hope to have hanging in my house some day. Fr. Hesburgh - what else is there to say?

Patrick Hatton: The first recruit in what is already becoming a very impressive recruiting class of '27, Patrick very nearly made the Hall of Fame on his first try last year, missing by just one vote. The kid just turned two, and he can already yell for a loose ball, Hike Step, play trombone, and say "Kanka."

Peter Gammons: I'd like to thank Dave's influential voting block for helping to get Peter in the Hall. Without Gammons, my fantasy baseball team would probably be called Starkesquity, and that just doesn't have the same ring to it. A legendary baseball writer, Peter Gammons is one of the true inspirations for this site. I never got a chance to meet Kurt Vonnegut, and balked at my lone chance to meet Hal Lebovitz, so my next goal in life is to meet the man from the front of the $20 bill.

Here are this year's also-rans. As you can see, Fr. Sorin just missed induction. He and all of the other multiple vote getters will receive a carryover vote next year.

Fr. Sorin4Without him I probably would have ended up at a place like Penn State or Boston college... actually, with those options, I might have just skipped college altogether.
Fr. Joyce3Rivals Barney Rubble and Robin for best sidekick ever.
Peyton Manning3
Sam Sanchez3
Buck O'Neil2This one's for Kanka.
Erin2Who is sadly missing from the message board.
Knute Rockne2FOOTBALL!!!
Mr. T2Crazy Man Pick
Rebecca Rose Hatton2New Member Pick
Adrian Peterson (MIN)1Fantasy stud.
American Flag guy from the road by WNDU1
Basil Moreau, CSC1
Blue-Cheese-Stuffed Olives1Beverage Garnish Pick:
Brady Quinn1
Buzzwinkle1Drunkard Pick:
Carl Monday1
Christopher Walken1
Coach Jackson (hockey)1
Crazy Moustache Guy1Moustache Pick:
Dave Schmitt1KankaMatic Champion
David Bruton1
David Wright1Favorite baseball player.
EA Sports NCAA Footbal series1There is no off-season. This series of games has fed our off-season hunger for college football just enugh so that we don't need a straight-jacket. Has led to a great deal of creativity and has sustained such imaginary legends as Sigmund Jalepeno.
Exavier "Nook" Logan1Editor's Pick (Klondike let me pick one name from the Mitchell Report, so I chose a name I thought he'd like. FP Santangelo is probably the coolest name on the list, but I figured it was too French Canadian-sounding for Klondike to like it.)
Guitar Hero 31
Jerome Bettis1
Jessica Simpson1She's hot and helped the Boys lose to the Birds!
Kanka's Cell Phone1Beep boop bop beep boop
Ken Hanlon1Trombone Pick:
Kerri Hanks1
Mark McGwire1At least he admitted to doing Andro.
Matt Holliday1Helped me win a KM Baseball crown!
Michelle Weisenhoffer1She does flip throws, now that's cool.
National Lampoon Sports Minute (Or So)1Entertainment Pick
Notre Dame Stadium1The House that Rock Built. Greatest place to watch a game, whether from the field or stands. Keeps the old school alive with the absence of video replay boards and with the school bands playing the only music heard during the game.
Pete Rose1Deserves to be in A Hall of Fame!
Puck1Beloved dog of Andy Wolkiewicz. He was a good, loyal, and faithful dog who wore his Notre Dame dog collar with pride every day for seven straight years. Passed away unexpectedly on December 29, 2007, likely due to complications associated with epilepsy. May he rest in peace.
Ronald McDonald1
Roy Williams (DAL)1Suspension for namesake penalty.
Sal1KankaNation Pick
Sammy Sosa1Hit #600.
Sean Connery1Classic Pick
The "enjoy" lady at SDH1
TO1Favorite football player.
Touchdown Jesus1This is probably the most famous mural in the United States. Gets plenty of TV time on Saturdays, even if ND isn't playing at home.
Trevor Laws1